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Watch Pacquiao vs. Margarito Fight

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Will Pacquiao Stand Still at the End or Margarito will defeat Pacquiao?

Many of the Filipino people envy Margarito because now he has the chance to punch a Congressman in the face. Although this is something different because Pacquiao can also return the favor to Antonio Margarito, it is a reality that many people hate their representatives or congressmen.

Not specifically Manny Pacquiao, there are a lot of Congressmen in the Philippines who are not loved by many of their constituents. It’s possible they won because of money and influence but they don’t serve their people with the best of their abilities and even steal the budget intended for their province.

Manny Pacquiao, who is loved by many of his constituents and many of the Filipino people because of his humility and willingness to serve the general public, gained a lot of appreciation and respect.

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It was noted by some critics that Manny Pacquiao won’t last against Antonio Margarito because of his lost of focus to the game. Being a congressman has a lot of work to do. Manny Pacquiao was delayed in his training because he has to attend the Congress Sessions to allocate budget for his


Watch Movies Online said...

Now time has changed. Now Pacquiao vs Margarito this is a real fight! Both aggressive guys, both have different styles, and both have power to finish fights.

Sanivi said...

Boxing fanatic it here the most awaited battle of the year and two champions of the world Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao vs Antonio "Tijuana's tornado" Margarito.